~*~*'AFI Interviews'*~*~

(All interviews taken from tiffanystar.com)

Interview with Jade
by: Tiffany* and Gretchen

Gretchen: Start off with your full name:
Jade: Jade Errol Puget
G: What are your nicknames?
J: Haday, The Playa...Actually, I got one tonight, Playboy II (Skippy AKA Drum machine guy gave that one to me)
G: why?
J: I don't know, he just told me.
G: Previous bands?
J: Influence 13 with Geoff and Nick 13. I was in a band with Adam and Jeff that didn't have a name. I was in 2 with Smith,
one was hardcore and one pop punk...neither had a name. Loose Change, Redemption 87, Taxidermy (bass) Special guests for
one show, we played The Cure, Green Day, maybe some Morrissey. I was in a band called F3BW with Nick, and Levi from
Loose Change, I played bass in it. I was in Dance Hall Crashers for one practice.
G: What are your views on The Push-Up Girls?
J: I viewed them naked when they didn't know I was there. That window right there...you think I'm kidding.
G: Favorite Movie?
J: Cross between true romance and TX Chain saw Massacre.
Tiffany*: Why did the 80's rock so hard?
J: I can't answer this because it would take an essay...
G: What bands are you listening to right now?
J: Cradle of Filth, Dillenger Escape Plan, The Get Up Kids, Darle Throne, At the Drive In.
G: What is your favorite song off of the new album?
J: I don't have a favorite.
T: What song do you think is the most complicated on guitar?
J: Of Greetings and Goodbyes.
G: Who does back ups on the new album?
J: Nick 13 and Chris Higgins, Lars from Rancid, Joe Clements, and Thadd LaRue
T: Favorite Coffee drink?
J: Latte
G: Favorite food?
J: Chicken and granola bars
G: why Chicken and granola bars? (the song)
J: I just had a strange cravings during the recording of Black Sails. I was like a pregnant woman. I wrote it after eating a
bunch of chicken and granola; I was inspired. Dave sang and I did the back ups. Hunter played the piano for it. It wasn't
supposed to be recorded.
T: If you could be in a state, what state would it be...get it (har har! it was late, give me a brake..uh)
J: A state of disarray
T: if you could be a character from the original Nintindo, which would it be?
J: It would be the crab that throws the rocks on Super Mario Three
T: when is your birthday?
J: November 28, 1973
T: Why do you like Morrissey?
J: Because he has an incredible voice, great melodies, great lyrics....He's an awesome singer.
G: Boxers or briefs?
J: Boxers. Briefs are stupid. Briefs constrict yo shit.
G: Siblings?
J: Two brothers and a sister
G: Batman or Spiderman?
J: That's a hard one...I would say batman
G: how many tattoos do you have?
J: Six
T: What is your favorite tattoo?
J: I like the roses I just got because they are new.
T: What does the tattoo on your stomach say?
J: Committed.
G: What is your favorite Tim Burton film?
J: Beatle Juice
G: What color are you nails right now?
J: Crimson....even darker than crimson...I don't know what to call them.
G: What shows have you been to lately?
J: Tiger Army, ATDI, Sunny Day Realestate
G: Any last words?
J: I hate the last words.

Interview with Hunter.
Conducted by: Tiffany* Gretchen and their suit mates Lorie and Morgan.

Tiffany*: AFI stands for?
Hunter: A Fire Inside.
T: What kind of bass do you play?
H: Store bought...jk, American Fender Jazz Bass
Morgan: Favorite Cereals?
H: Cocoa Pebbles.
T: Are you Vegan?
H: Yes, I am dietarily vegan. I wear a leather jacket...
T: Explain to me your stage presence:
H: Basically, I try to conjure up an attitude (he tried to explain this but it never made sense on paper...He basically said each
time he was on stage, he felt inspired in a different way. One day he may feel Billy Idolish and the next day like Prince but
with a Hunter touch.)
Gretchen: What are your inspirations?
H: Elvis Costello is number one always and Prince.
G: Why the hair change?
H: All of my hair broke off and fell out.
G: From bleaching it too much?
H: yeah.
T: If you could be on a TV show, which would it be and why?
H: Macguiver, he was the most resourceful and cool about everything.
G: Favorite song on new album?
H: I seriously like them all, which is weird because I didn't like all of the ones on Black Sails.
T and G: List previous bands:
H: C-monster, The Force, Badical Turbo Radness, Inner Frog, Doppel Ganger, Blown Hole, Unity, Milk, The Slags, The
Secret Band, Little Seizures, Taurus, Shazam, AKA
Lori: Favorite Movie?
H: North by Northwest.
L: Favorite musical?
H: Rocky Horror Picture Show. West Side Story is second.
L: Favorite 80's movie?
H: Purple Rain.
T: What do you think of the message board?
H: It sucks. I sucks but it is cool. It sometimes turns to evil. If we can exchange information, that is positive.
G: Most embarrassing moment?
H: Right now, because I haven't shaved and I am in a room full of girls and I haven't shaved.
G: who normally drives on tour?
H: Adam, then Jade, then Smith...
T: What is your favorite pie?
H: I am really into fruit pies now, like peach.
G: coffee or tea?
H: ummm coffee and tea. My answer is soy chai
G: Who came up with the concept of the new record designs?
H: We knew we were going with Alan Forbes, so we had a board meeting, then talked to Alan and we took it from there.
G: Who is The Frisk?
H: Basically three members of the criminals. Jesse, Zac, Mike and Me
G: What is your part in The Frisk?
H: I play the drums
G: Are there any shows coming up?
H: Nothing is even tentative but we would like to play at least one show before I go on tour with AFI.

Inteview with Davey Havok
by: Tiffany* and Gretchen

Tiffany*: State full name?
Davey: Davey Havok
Tiffany*: Born where?
D:Rochester, NY
T: What are the first things that come to mind when you hear, "A Fire Inside?"
D: First thing that comes to mind? Well, that's my band. That's my life, AFI.
T: How did you learn to sing?
D: I did? I don't know, I've been singing since I was five years old at family functions. I used to visit my great grand parents
at their house in PA, and my relatives would pay me to sing old 1920's songs into a wooden spoon. I was between the age
3-5 yrs old.
T: Were you in choir in High School?
D: I was in choir in High School. My first musical was Oliver Twist in 4th grade. That was my first experience of being sick
and performing.
T: What bands did you listen to in High School?
D: The same bands as Jade probably. Black Flag, Misfits, Fear, Bad Religion, Dag Nasty, Minor Threat...I could go on
forever...Influence 13.
Gretchen: Really?
D: YEAH! really!
G: What's your favorite new song?
D: I have to pick one? Ummmm...Ever and a day.
G: What's your favorite song to perform?
D: So far it's God Called in Sick Today.
T: Favorite Artist?
D: It's either Jhonen V. or Tim Burton. Or Alan Forbes.
T: Which song do you think is the hardest to play live?
D: Probably the Nephlim, that's going to be the hardest to play.
T: Your favorite song lyric wise is?
D: OOooh, gosh, that's really hard for me. I really like Morning Star and Ever and a Day.
T: Favorite hair color to have and brand?
D: I guess black is my favorite. I love blue, but realistically I like black the best. Manic Panic.
T: How do you wash vinyl pants?
D: You're not supposed to put them into the washer but I do anyway. But, don't wash them, they are supposed to be dry
T: Favorite shade of nail polish?
D: Well, black. Black stands the test of time. There is one called gash that I really like.
T: Which shade are you wearing today?
D: Black
T: Out of the Slave Labor Graphics comics, which is your favorite?
D: Johnny
T: Which tattoo of yours is your favorite?
D: I am very happy with the new part, it's not done yet. The new pumpkin king tattoo.
T: Are you going to get anymore and if so, of what?
D: Yes, Lock Shock and Barrell tomorrow.
G: By who?
D: By Scott Sylvia
T: Where do you get tattooed at and by who?
D: At 222. Scott Sylvia and Jeff Raiser
T: Bands that you have been listening to lately?
D: Perfect circle, The Deftones, The Death Cult, Gretchen talking on my answering machine, NIN, At the Drive In, In
Flames...that's mostly what I'm listening to right now.
T: Do you feel influenced by these bands?
D: Yeah, definitely, Everything I listen to influences me.
T: What do you think of Napster?
D: I really don't mind Napster. I really don't care. I think either people are going to buy our album or not. I just want people
to hear our music. I don't want to starve. To sum it up, I don't care.
T: What about hearing the album before its release date?
D: Oh, I don't care.
G: Who came up with the winter scene idea?
D: I think I did, but I am not positive. So, I don't want to take credit if it's not deserved to me.
G: Is there a "vinyl only" song on the new album?
D: Yes.
G: What is it called?
D: It's called Dream of Waking.
G: Which is your favorite release?
D: Art of Drowning
G: What are your views on the Push-Up Girls?
D: I really like the Push-Up Girls. They are very nice.
T: Dave, Why did the 80's rock so hard?
D: The 80's rock so hard because in the 80's popular music was good as opposed to now.
G: Last words?
D: I hate Last word questions, Gretchen....

Interview with Adam.
by: Tiffany*

State your name: My name is Adam. Duh.

What kindof equipment do you use: I have a DW drum set with Zildjian cymbals
and DW hardware. I have an 5.5x14" Steel Ayotte snare and a 6.5"x14" brass
Pork Pie snare that I play as a back up.

Do you play any other instruments? Not well.

How old were you on the cover of the Dork 7": About 15 or 16. I can't

Why did AFI name this album "Dork": Look at the photo.

Did you know that the band was going to use your picture on that album
cover?: Yes. I thought it was pretty funny.

Where were you when AFI formed: I lived in Ukiah, CA. Dave, Mark, Victor
and I were all friends. We were really bored with Ukiah and decided that
playing music sounded like a fun thing to do. I had no idea that ten years
later I'd love it more than ever.

When did you join Tiger Army: I recorded the first 7" with Tiger Army and
played a handful of shows in 1996. Between tours with AFI, I would play with
Nick 13 and learn some of his new songs. When Tiger Army got a record deal
with Hellcat, I was really excited that Nick asked me to play on it even
though he knew I probably wouldn't be available to do any touring. The line
up of TA right now is great. Geoff Kresge is great on bass and the legendary
London May makes me look like an amateur.

Describe the drumming you do in Tiger Army. Is it more difficult than the
AFI style?: I approached the Tiger Army sessions trying to help move the
songs without getting in the way of the music. Psychobilly is a really
rhythmic music but not all the percussion is coming from the drums. The slap
of the strings on the bass is really loud and adds a load of syncopation to
the music. I had to be careful not to get in the way of that. The drums and
bass had to lock at all times and listening back I think it came out well. I
tried to make the parts interesting but in a more subtle way. I tried to
vary the textures of the drums and just play solid. It's similar to AFI
drumming in many ways but just a little more restrained.

Why did you leave Tiger Army?: I didn't necessarily leave Tiger Army. I
always knew that Nick was looking for a permanent drummer and I honestly
couldn't devote the time necessary between AFI's recording and touring
schedule. I'm just happy that I was able to be a part of the Tiger Army and
make music with my friends.

Which album is your favorite? Art of Drowning

Which song means the most to you? Probably God Called in Sick Today,
Morning Star or Days of the Phoenix

Which album cover art is your favorite? Art of Drowning

Which AFI song is the most challenging to play? "Smile" is a really
technical song and difficult to play accurately. Some of the slower songs
are hard to play with an even tempo. Most of them are pretty basic though.
I'm more concerned with playing solidly and helping the song go somewhere
than with showing my bag of fills every second. Usually every song will have
one section where the beat changes and I have an opportunity to screw around
a little bit.

Why don't you sport makeup like the rest of the guys? I do. I'm just in
the back.

Which venue is your favorite to play, or where in general and why?
The Phoenix in Petaluma is probably my favorite just because that is
where I saw most of my first punk shows and there will always be a special
place in my heart for it. Tom Gaffey, the guy that runs it, is a really
really good person who has given so much to Petaluma and the Nor Cal scene.
He gave me five bucks for gas once before I ever knew him when I was stranded
I like to play Gilman, though we haven't played there in a super long time.
The last few shows kindof sucked because by the time we played it was so hot
and crowded we couldn't really enjoy it and neither could the crowd. The
Filmore in SF was super exciting to play. We've played there three times and
each time I freaked out thinking about the history the venue has. Other
venues that I love are the Ogden in Denver, the State Theater in St. Pete,
The Palace in Hollywood, -I don't know there are quite a few.

What are some of the things you do before you go on stage?
I usually stretch out a bit -I get super stiff sitting in the van all
day- and then work out on the practice pad for ten minutes or so. I try to
work on my rudiments but it usually degenerates into a few patterns that
probably drive my band mates nuts. Dave makes these god awful noises warming
up his voice so I'm not too concerned if my tapping bothers him. After the
pad I just jog around a little to get my blood going. I treat getting ready
to go on-stage like warming up for a track meet or something. I play a lot
better if do it. Sometimes I get distracted and don't warm up well enough
and can totally tell the difference throughout the show. Finally, I drink a
couple of Red Bulls. This is sort of a new part of my regiment and one I've
tried to curb because Red Bull makes me feel like shit a few hours later.
Lately those little vials of Ginseng have been doing the trick. They taste
horrible though...

Name something you've been listening to.
My friend Thadd gave me a Rolling Stones collection that I've totally
gotten into. I like Elliot Smith and Built to Spill. I like At the Drive-In
(Who doesn't?) Neurosis, and Radiohead. I just got this Sony cd player with
a 400 disc carousel so lately I've just hit the shuffle button.

If you could be in another band, what kind of music would this band play?
It would probably be pretty similar to AFI. I like dynamic music that is
quiet and dark and somber and then erupts into something angry and intense.
Hopefully this band would be like that. Something like Radiohead meets Nick
Cave meets Deadguy meets Green Day. Actually that could really suck...

How do you feel about AFI being on the radio?
I've listened to the radio my entire life. I have memories of listening
to the radio from before I was in Preschool. My mom would buy me 45's from
Ukiah's only record store of the bands I especially liked. I remember
getting The Eagles "Heartache Tonight" and Tom Petty's "Refugee" and a bunch
of others. Anyway, when I hear AFI on the radio I get really excited. It
really pisses me off when someone gives me shit for being on the radio. It's
like they're trying to deprive me of this really happy experience. I
understand that mainstream radio rotation can do crazy things for bands. The
radio can take your favorite band and make them so huge you can't connect or
relate to them anymore and you have to share them with the rest of the world
but people need to realize that most likely this won't happen with us. I
really don't see us fitting the mold that a mainstream band has to fit into
to be megasuccessful. I want as many people as possible to hear our band.
Did I answer the question? Um, I like hearing AFI on the radio.

Would you like AFI to be on the radio everywhere?

What do you think about MTV?
Pretty much the same. MTV exposed me to rock music I normally wouldn't
have seen. I remember seeing The Clash's "Rock the Casbah" and buying Combat
Rock. When you're ten years old you really don't know enough about anything
to seek out underground music. I didn't even really realize it existed until
I was a little older. Watching MTV for close to twenty years shaped my
musical knowledge and initially made me want to be in a band even though it
didn't happen until ten years later.

Do you have any funny tour stories?

Are you vegetarian or vegan?

Have you ever written any lyrics for AFI?
A couple lines of Rizzo in the Box and Key Lime Pie I'm ashamed to admit.
Shortly after I realized the lyrics were in better off in Dave's hands.

How do you feel about Napster?
What's that?

Do you like Pirates?
I am a pirate.

Do you know the mysterious story of The Push Up Girls?
I'm familiar with it.

Any last words?
Overhaul me words, matey, for what I say be true. Blessed ye be with a
strong character and a forgivin' nature. These shipshape qualities have
steered ye safely through squalls to the captivatin' shores of the Magic
Kingdom. I see favorable winds and a pleasant passage if ye charts yer
course through the sea 'o life by this golden rule: Avoid common gossip and
shun' the bilge rats what live by it. Mark well me words, matey: He who
chatters to ye, will chatter about ye!